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  • Image of Alona L.

    Love it. After about 1 hour of taking it i can really feel the effects and it keeps me going for hours without feeling hungry. - Alona L.

  • Image of Sue A.

    I have been drinking delicious bulletproof coffee for breakfast for six months now, however, for at least four months of that time I was using MCT oil which I purchased from a local health store. After finally purchasing the Bulletproof brain octane oil and using it in my morning coffee for the past two months, I am sold!! The difference I feel is quite amazing. I began the bulletproof diet as a result of trying to help resolve decades of digestive problems which have had a huge impact on my life. Since using the brain octane oil my digestion has improved so much I feel like a new person on the inside. Apart from digestion improvements, my mind is more alert and fogginess has been replaced with alertness. I use the oil in cooking as well as in my coffee. Honestly, I’m just so pleased with discovering this oil. I can’t imagine life without it. Thank you Bulletproof people!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Sue A.

  • Image of Christopher N.

    Has been epic. Took a week to work up to two tablespoons-of xct oil but now my bullet proof coffee is a morning ritual. The biggest thing I can comment on is how sharp I feel! Mental clarity is fantastic! - Christopher N.

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